How to Consign

Consignment Information

Now It’s Yours Consignment Store

1816 West 103rd Street, Chicago, IL 60643

(773) 366-3702


Now It’s Yours will display your items on our Showroom Floor and Website. Your items will be displayed for 60 days, any Unsold items not picked up after the 60 days will automatically become Store Merchandise and Donated however see fit. Once the item is Sold, you will Receive a Percentage.


  • 60% goes to the store, 40% goes to the Consignor (Pricing of the items are set by the store)
  • Payments are given to Consignors on the 30th of each month via Check or Store credit.


Clothing Items


-Women & Men Clothes are Accepted.

-10-15 Clothing Items at a time.

-We do not accept Children’s clothing, Undergarments, or Sleepwear.

-Please be sure that ALL items are Odor & Stain Free, gently worn with no missing buttons, pins, etc.

-Clothes on hangers are suggested but not mandatory. 


Furniture & Home Décor


-Furniture and Home Décor are gladly Accepted as long as it’s in Good Condition, Clean with no missing pieces. 


-Please be sure to email pictures of your Heavy or Large Furniture items to prior to coming into the store.


-Once your email is received and reviewed you will receive an email or phone call informing you of the next steps.


Items We Do Accept

-Clothing  - Furniture  -Wall Décor  - Dishware  - Shoes  -Outerwear   -Purses

- Paintings/Pictures   -Jewelry   -Accessories  -Lamps   -Vintage Items 


Items We Do Not Accept

-Electronics   -Kitchen Utensils/Pots & Pans   -Bedding   -Children Clothing -Items with Missing Pieces  -Appliances   -Curtains   -Children Furniture  -Toys